Measured Against Reality

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Video Game Unlocks Orgasm Secrets"

Apparently, there's a videogame for the Nintendo DS that teaches women has to masturbate and orgasm. It uses the DS touch-screen to stroke, tickle, poke, or whatever a little bunny. You can even blow into the microphone. The more you "stimulate" it, the more "excited" it gets, eventually it starts flying around the screen.

I can't help but wonder, how many women who pursue a game like this don't already know their own bodies well enough to know how to masturbate? I also wonder what the reaction to something like this will be. It probably won't be nearly mainstream or popular enough to attract the kind of attention that games like GTA get, but still. Some prude who thinks that masturbation really does kill kittens, or whatever garbage the dolts who think that the human body is disgusting believe, will probably see it and rally the morality police against it. They must have nothing better to do. Maybe they should try masturbating. I know a bunny who can help them out.

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