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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Dogma Reflexes

Besides making me laugh, that comic got me thinking about the absurdity of Intelligent Design and creationism. When all the evidence points to one conclusion, how can you ignore it? When you think about it, claiming that life is intelligently designed is as rational as claiming that monkeys evolved from the bible, or any other absurd nonsense.

I suppose once an idea has been engrained into someone’s mind, the brain will do everything that it can to rationalize the belief, as a recent study has shown. Because of this nobody should be too surprised that the “culture war” we’re currently “fighting” is difficult for either side to win. All the evidence in the world isn’t going to convert someone who’s brain will shield their belief from it. That’s why religion is the ultimate meme.

I just wonder why this “dogma reflex” evolved. There are plenty of hypotheses, but we’ll probably never know for certain. I just hope that one day we move past it.

Anyway, check out that comic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s quite funny.

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