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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blogging Scholarship: Why I Blog

The other day Pharyngula linked to the Blogging Scholarship. Since I am a student, and a blogger, and could use $5,000 (or at least a little exposure for the blog), I entered. My "essay", which was really just a blog post, would make a perfect blog post (imagine that). It's below.

But also, if you're a student blogger, check this thing out. The deadline is pretty soon, but it was only announced a few days ago, I think it had a deadline of a week. So enter!


I started blogging because I wanted to be able to write and have other people read it. I had, and still have, high hopes for my blog becoming one that many people enjoy reading. Gaining readership is a slow and arduous process, and writing a short essay every day can be difficult, especially given all of the constraints on my time.

Despite all of the hardships, the responses from readers certainly makes it worthwhile. I had one commenter share the story of husband’s death from lung cancer, and how their atheism allowed them to be close and gave her more comfort than other widows she knew. Her story nearly brought a tear to my eye, and I would have never heard it without my post and the discussions in the comments. While not as dramatic, the comments that simply say, “Nice blog!” or, “Great post!” are just as rewarding. Getting one of those can make my day.

Most people say that they blog for themselves only. I don’t understand this sentiment, and that’s why the leather-bound journal in my desk contains almost no writing. I blog not only because I enjoy writing, but because I enjoy seeing a post on Fark or Digg or Reddit, and because I enjoy getting those comments. But it is emphatically not just about me: it’s about anyone who reads and likes my writing. It might sound silly, but if my words can make someone else happy, even just one person, then I’m happy.

That’s why I blog.

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