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Thursday, October 05, 2006

State of the Blog Address

On this day two months ago I started a blogger blog. All I wanted was to have some place to write my thoughts where they could be viewed by the public, a place where I could talk about whatever I wanted, whatever interested me, and people who were also interested in it could read it.

Even in most hopeful moments did I think that I’d attract well over 125,000 different pairs of eyes from nearly 150 different countries, or rise to a Technorati rank of 29,000. I never would have thought that I’d be Farked, Dugg, Reddited, appear in a dozen different carnivals, and blogs and websites too numerous to mention.

I never anticipated all of the wonderful comments and backlinks I’ve gotten, from people who genuinely enjoyed what I had written. In my life I have experienced nothing quite like it when I get that comment notification in the mail and it opens “Great post”, or while perusing my Google Analytics list of referrers, I find a blogger who enjoyed what I wrote so much that they glowingly recommend it to their readers. What more can a blogger want?

It’s only been two months, and I plan on keeping this up for a while. In the future I’m going to try to stick to my name, posting on irreverent things that just pop into my head, as well as the serious stuff and news that’s been my more typical fare. Hopefully, things will only get better from here.


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