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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Victims of the war

One of the best results of the drug war has been the militarization of the police force. SWAT teams, which are sometimes necessary to take out dangerous criminals that normal police couldn't handle, have proliferated like mad, spreading to every nook and cranny of our country. My sleepy little home town, which has had one murder in the past 30 years, even has a SWAT van, and presumably the armor and guns to go with it.

One might be inclined to think this is a good thing. After all, we're better prepared to deal with dangerous situations. Except those dangerous situations don't come up very often, especially in smaller cities and towns. Perhaps the police feel they need to justify the existence of these paramilitary forces, or perhaps they just like power of being able to use them. Whatever the reason, they do use them, and when they use them, people die.

Here, here, and here are some examples of police excess with these raids. Very often you get cases where someone is a little quick to the trigger and shoots an unarmed person, and the department covers up for them, claiming the victim was armed and dangerous. Very often you get sketchy informants giving bad information, and innocent people's homes are broken into and they end up on their knees with a gun barrel to the back of their head, wondering if they're going to die. Very often you get someone thinking they're being robbed and trying to defend themselves, and police and the homeowner die.

There are even cases of police kicking or shooting dogs.

Most of the time these men are looking for nonviolent drug offenders. They are looking for people who aren't an imminent threat, who pose no real danger to society. But they go in with big guns and itchy trigger fingers, and innocent people die.

And the citizens of this supposedly free country sit in silence. There is no outrage. There is no accountability. There is no reform. There is silence while innocent people die by the very hands of the people who are charged with protecting their lives.

Maybe you'll start to care when an informant gives up your address to shave a few years off of his drug sentence, the police request a no-knock warrant, the judge grants it, and you're staring down the barrel of a submachine gun at 2 AM, too scared to even move. Maybe you'll care when it's your children crying. Maybe you'll care when it's your dog with five bullets in its side. Maybe it'll be too late to care, because you "made a move for a gun", and someone put a few bullets into you, and you're just another victim of this senseless war.

I'll be writing my congressmen and senators asking for reform, and trying my damnedest to generate the outrage to fix this before more people die. I suggest you do the same.

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  • your analysis is correct, but this piece of writing is too much of a lecture.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:16 PM, March 27, 2007  

  • Its to late a country of the police for the police by the police
    it the end of america and there is no way back.
    They will kill your family for no reason too.
    if it a choice police or crime i will take crime.
    its not near as deadly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:51 PM, March 27, 2007  

  • I disagree with it being too much of a lecture. Maybe it is, but people need it.

    By Blogger Terra, at 4:09 PM, March 27, 2007  

  • I am afraid that I share the opinion of the anonymous reaction posted above me. The war on drugs is in reality part of the war on poor and middle class people. This current class war started in the roaring 20's when the first generation in 100's of years started to unbind them selfs from the feudal system that was used and protected by the rich. In these times the rich families had a lot of sympathy for the Ideas of which Hitler was the gone bad experience (he fucked up before their ultimate goal was reached, which was back to the feudal times of yesteryear). Many of them financed the holocaust. Just for fun google who your president's grandfather was and what he did. After the won war many Nazi people with connections to the families were given shelter and jobs within the shadow side of the USA governments and services. Together they started to finish the Military Industrial Complex that was envisioned long before. They only needed cheap personnel, the only way to move people is by putting them through a disaster, so pearl harbor was inflicted and people came in droves to work for almost nothing. Patriots as they were they helped to build the largest weapon building industry on this planet. Korea was next because all these bombs they had in store needed to be used so that they could rip off the public's tax money to buy new bombs. Meanwhile they hired a person called McCarthy to distract the rest of the US with his Commie hunts. After that they started the in the world's eye most useless war in Vietnam, but from the standpoint of the families (owning most chemical plants) it prooved very well, just like in the 2 former wars they could use life guinny pigs in the form of soldiers and foreign civilians (both disposable in their eyes). Most common in use hazardous chemicals in use today were tested on people, these chemicals are used now to poison us through industrial food, depleted uranium munition and mines, all sorts of fuel, and so on. People in the US were distracted from the Vietnam war because of the Civil Rights struggle and the murder on Kennedy. During that Civil Rights struggle the forerunner of SWAT teams were formed and used to defuse isolated civil right fighters (Hurting them bad or accidently killing them). At the end of that battle they needed a new distraction for the people and started the War on Drugs with their newly built civil military complex to further perfect how to suppress disidents as precise as posible. By the way, Nixon was a perfect distraction too, as was the hyjack of the American Embassy in Thearan. By then the 2 pilars of the police state were founded in concrete of society and a 3rd pilar, the prison industral complex was rapidly forming due to the SWAT teams of the 2nd pilar. Meanwhile gettho violence news is the perfect distraction while dismantling of education and public property quickly wrecks the bonding of society. Also Saddam Housein was showered with WMDs to make war with the Iranians but he fucked up by using US chemicals for domestic purposes so he was tricked into invading Koeweit causing the excuse to start the first gulf war (remember, the warehouses with weapons were full again, and new guinay pigs were needed to test chemicals). By then the Federal Reserve started to help with a series of inflation bubbles (unchecked money printing) to pull the dead horse the economy became due to the monetary loss of all the expensive wars and experiments since the 20's. You can compare that with slamming a stick with spikes on a half dead walking horse, it reacts with small speed increases when hit but overall the horse is walking more slowly by time. First the internet bubble extracted a lot of capital from the middle class to the happy few when it blew. The population panicked and were tricked into real estate and unreliable loans and credit over the last decade spending all the last capital that reside in the middle class, leaving only a poor and a rich class just like before the roaring 20's. Meanwhile the newest distraction is 9/11 and subsequent wars, this distraction is needed to install the last pilar of the feudal state, the strong executive pilar to change making of law from collective consensus into decree law. This pilar was in the make since the 20's too, all this time in the background. We are in the middle of seeing this getting shape, it is called the surveilance society, camera's everywhere to incriminate you and no protection when you are dying in front of one. Where will it end? It wont, most of us will end up with a RFID inside us tracked real time 24 hours a day by a mandatory network system with sensors all over the place. Paradoxal enough only the destruction of technology and knowledge can save us in the long run because then we have to start all over again. Maybe this will happen, maybe not. For most of us, including myself it does not matter because we are part of this beast and some of us will suffer more and some of us less, Boudha said it best: "To live is to suffer". Our and history's biggest friend is the sloppyness that is in all of us, it ruiens all plans. :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:25 PM, March 27, 2007  

  • You know a tweaker left you a comment because there are no paragraphs.

    By Blogger Jeffrey, at 7:56 PM, March 27, 2007  

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