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Monday, April 23, 2007

The worst thing you'll hear all week

I wasn't planning on saying any more about the VT massacre a week ago. No matter what I said about it I felt dirty afterward, as though I was using the tragedy the same way that the vile snakes were. But I have to mention this, which is by far the worst, insulting Liviu Librescu, the professor who gave his life to save his students:

He was protecting the ultimate symbol of a degenerate multicultural-promoting institution, where Jewish professors like himself reign supreme, indoctrinating moldable young student minds with filthy Jew propaganda. Note that the student who credited him with saving his life was an Israeli Jewish student Asael Arad. However, the media plays up the Professor's Jewishness, while simultaneously playing down the race of people he allegedly saved.

Also note that he claimed to be a "Holocaust Survivor," what Jew old enough to pull it off DOESN'T these days? I think it's a good bet that he found a way to incorporate Jew Holocaust lies into his teachings, or at the very least Jews will find a way to profit from these killings by propping up this guy in their media in order to solicit some donations for Holocaust myth perpetuating causes, or some other Jew benefit.

Don't click that link. I include it only so that you can be fairly confident that I'm not making this up. But for the love of all that is good, do not give that evil piece of shit a pageview.

Saying that this was caused by videogames or liberals or gun control or lack of gun control or the media or society or Korean movies or whatever other crap people are blaming is bad enough, but this is its own league. This ghoul is saying that someone who sacrificed his life is evil, because he was Jewish. And he's a holocaust denier. I don't think there's anything left for me to say about him, except that the bar has been lowered so far that I don't think anyone can match it.

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  • I really have a hard time commenting on something like this. It just shows you what type of people are out there, maybe influencing others. I read a blog a few days ago about someone mentioning "where were all the atheists" when this tragedy happened? They meant that when christians were comforting the families, where were we,kind of insinuating that we are not capable of comforting people because we don't believe in god. I realize that we have fee speech here in America, but sometimes I want to scream at people like this! You know what,I'm glad we have freedom of speech, they can show how intolerant(ignorant was the first word that came to mind) they are of certain peoples.

    By Blogger tina, at 8:36 AM, April 23, 2007  

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