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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dawkins Controversy #5148

I have a few Dawkins-haters in my readership (or at least I did at some point). If you're still around, you might be interested in the latest anti-Dawkins bruhaha that has been going on. I think PZ Myers (another terrible Dawkins-like atheist, but he only blogs, so he doesn't get as much attention) cleared it up quite nicely. I also like how Dawkins got personally involved in this matter.

Now it can be said that the most outspoken atheists don't believe in forceful indoctrination of their opinions. Can the same be said of outspoken theists?


  • Aw c'mon, surely you're not comparing outspoken atheists to outspoken theists? They're not even on the same league! The former's a passive believer, the other believes in his responsibility to save others from eternal damnation. Any theist should be reaching out to non-believers, not to mention outspoken ones. It's part and parcel of our belief.

    That's assuming the theist is Christian. I'm not sure about the other religions, frankly.

    Sorry to not write a comment remotely related to your point. I don't hate Dawkins, he's just one of many other atheists.

    By Blogger JeNn, at 6:58 AM, January 02, 2007  

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