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Monday, February 12, 2007

Darwin Day

I just received a comment from Nick saying that he thought I'd post on Darwin day. I haven't been posting on much of anything, mainly because I don't feel like I have any good ideas and nothing that I've tried to write has come out anywhere close to decent. Plus I'm getting too angry seeing the same stupidity in the news over and over again, posting on it might give me an aneurysm.

Regardless, what do I think of Darwin day? For those unfamiliar, it's a sunday where preachers preach to their congregation about Darwin and evolution in a positive way. Most thinking people don't make a big deal about for a few reasons.

First, it happens in about 500 churches. I'm reasonably certain that's not even half of a percent of all churches. While it's a nice start, the vast majority of church-goers aren't getting the message.

Second, the church is no damn place to hear about evolution. We have biology classes in schools, it should be taught there. Besides, anyone who genuinely thinks that evolution and religion conflict probably isn't going to be swayed by one sermon.

Finally, those people are still going to church.

Darwin day is just a PR stunt, a way of saying "look, evolution and religion can coexist!" But in reality, few sane people believe that, since anything but lip service to any religion is totally and completely incompatible with any and all science. You have to throw the superstitious, ignorant, and incorrect scriptures out the window.

And it's happening, slowly.


  • I think you're confusing "Darwin Day" (the anniversary of Darwin's birthday - 12th February) with "Evolution Sunday" which seems to be held on the Subday closest to Darwin Day.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:44 AM, February 13, 2007  

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