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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let's just criminalize vaginas now and get it over with

Another child is in trouble for photographing herself. It's starting to seem like this happens once a week.

This time the girl grabbed a classmate's cell phone, took a picture of her own vagina (in the article cleverly euphemized as "lewd photograph" "beneath the waist"), and e-mailed it to some classmates with a profane message attached. According to the article she intended to embarrass the owner of the cell phone.

This behavior is indefensible. She should be suspended from school (which has happened) and given a good lesson about what's appropriate and when. That being said, I legitimately fear that she will prosecuted, at the very least for furnishing harmful material to minors, quite possibly with child pornography. I'm especially afraid since this is from Arizona, the state with the most ridiculously trigger-happy DAs. There have been some truly obscene charges there, including the vicious prosecution of a boy who is almost certainly guilty of nothing more than not knowing how to properly secure his internet connection (child pornography was found on the computer, as well as a host of viruses and spyware).

He narrowly escaped a 90-year mandatory sentence, (10 years per image, served back-to-back, no parole. That's the strictest in the nation). He ended up pleading guilty to showing classmates a Playboy, and the DA in the case sounded like a true sanctimonious asshole.

I sincerely hope this child gets off with the slap-on-the-wrist she deserves, and not the criminal conviction she clearly doesn't. It's utterly stupid to believe that any child is harmed by viewing a vagina, if that were true every woman and nearly every man alive would be barely functional. I'm starting to get sick of this Victorian idea that "private parts" should never see the light of day lest they tear down the fabric of society. It's absurd. If we spent half as much time worrying about poverty as we do about penises and vaginas, our society would be in amazing condition. Remember, poverty is proven and widely known to actually harm children and society.

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[Edit: If you thought I was joking about that title, read this. Granted, not criminalization, but it's getting there.]

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