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Monday, April 30, 2007

International Journal for Creation Research calls for papers

Via Reason: The International Journal for Creation Research is having it's inaugural call for papers. Finally, the creationists have a journal that can not-take all of their not-papers. Maybe they'll stop whining about not being able to publish, and it'll be even better when they don't get anything. And we'll have a convenient reference for all of the crap they spout and all of the IDiots who believe it.

Honestly, I'm thinking of crafting a subtle satire and seeing if I can't get it published. Maybe embellish my credentials (under a pseudonym, of course) and write on a topic I'm woefully unqualified to discuss while taking potshots at creationism throughout it. I'm not sure if I know the material well enough to do it, but I might be able to come up with something. I also have no reputation to damage, but I would like to have one. It's a thought, if you think you could write a good mock-creationist paper give it a go.

At the very least laugh at the idea of creation research. It's funny!

EDIT: Browse around their course offerings for a bit. Some of them seem almost sane, then you'll get to something like "Data from traditional sources such as ice cores and sea-floor sediment cores will be interpreted in context of a young-earth model." If this weren't so pathetic it would be hysterical.

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