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Friday, April 27, 2007

Feminists, continuous contraception, and choice

Cheryl Miller over at Reason has a great article on some feminist hypocrisy. If you want a good read about the pill and some hysterical reactions to it, check it out.

For what it's worth I don't know a single woman (or girl) who wants to keep her period. Everyone I've talked to says that it's painful, annoying, and can be dangerous (blood loss is never good). I, of course, have no personal experience with it, but I think that it should be entirely up to the woman in question if she menstruates. Saying that taking away the period will ruin a woman's self-esteem is just silly. So is saying that continuous birth control regimens are just so big Pharma can make good citizens out of women, and so is saying that this is just a way to accommodate men.

Maybe the women who said those things think they're true, but isn't it a woman's choice to decide? Or are we not all pro-choice?


  • I think you're right it was an interesting article. When I analyzed it I just couldn't believe it. Indeed, we can't ignore the hysterical reactions.

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