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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hooray police state!

Every time I read a story like this I get more depressed about the state of this nation, and more convinced that we're headed down a very, very bad path.

Not that it is particularly bad, but even a cursory review finds that we are drifting inexorably into a police state, a nanny-state, and that's somewhere we don't want to go. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope we're not going to end up being a nation afraid of those who protect us, where the people have no power over their "protectors", but that appears to be where we're going.

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  • According to the Baltimore Sun, they were let into the house. Thus, they probably knocked loud enough to be heard or possibly rang the doorbell. And it occured at 7am, not in the middle of the night. In my mind, this is a good clue to get dressed. And Los Angeles County, California, et al. v. Max Rettele et al. says that they were gone in 15 minutes. I find it troublesome that the police didn't check that the house wasn't sold before executing a search, but I don't think this case means we've devolved into a police state.

    By Anonymous N. Johnson, at 1:28 PM, May 22, 2007  

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