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Monday, May 21, 2007

Religious Discrimination

Via Reason, Newt Gingrich, speaking at Falwell's aptly misnamed Liberty University, drops this incredible bomb:

"Basic fairness demands that religious beliefs deserve a chance to be heard.... It is wrong to single out those who believe in God for discrimination. Yet, today, it is impossible to miss the discrimination against religious believers."

First, religious beliefs don't deserve to be heard. All religious people instantly dismiss all other religions; they only want fairness when it comes to other people respecting theirs. Second, who is discriminating against religious believers? Ronald Bailey gets it right when he says:

Discrimination against religious believers in the United States? Give me a break! "Discrimination" in country in which a Newsweek poll on March 31st found that 91 percent of Americans say they believe in the Big Guy in the Sky and 82 percent say that they are Christians? The good news is that only 26 percent think that an atheist can't be a moral person.

Remember folks, there's currently one open atheist in the entire House, and as soon as he announced his atheism there were calls for him to be removed. The rank hypocrisy of these people is simply astounding. But it's nothing new, and it's not even surprising. How sad of a testament to the state of our nation is that?

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