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Thursday, August 30, 2007

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I've been getting some good comments on this post, but one in particular I want to reply to, by boxlight:

Every religion is not equal. That's my belief. That's logic.

I'm thrilled that they're finally admitting their bigotry

It's not bigotry, it's like he said, it's "logic".

For example, if someone is an Atheist who believes evolution, it is illogical for him to be a Christian and creationism.

Atheism and Christianity are mutually exclusive. That's logic.

He's a Bible believing Christian, and as such (to him) Hinduism is a falsehood. He's decriminating faiths based on his beliefs. But it's not bigotry.

Such attempts as yours to paint him as an irrational hateful person based on those commetns is hyperbole and unfair.

But the thing is that he isn't just declaring all other religions "wrong", he's also saying that they're not entitled to the same benefits that Christians are entitled to, in this case leading a legislative session in prayer. It's quite a small privilege, which is why the outrage is so silly, but the attitude is quite revealing, and I think it reveals the mind of a bigot. Perhaps I'm being hyperbolic and unfair, but it's what I see when I read his words.


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