Measured Against Reality

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Republican hypocrisy and other thoughts

This story about Quotes from Republicans when Clinton was president is interesting, but not surprising. Basically they're saying the things that the Democrats are saying (and being heavily criticized for) now. This was happening before I paid attention to politics at all, so I'm wondering if Democrats were using the same rhetoric Republicans are using now. Frankly, I'd be more surprised if they didn't than if they did.

It's just another sad commentary on our ridiculous partisan politics. I've never really researched it, but I've always felt Washington was right when he urged no political parties in his farewell address, and thought we'd be much better without the dumb loyalties they demand. It seems to me that in a party system, ideas lose to allegiance to the party, whereas without them ideas dominate. Of course, that could be wrong, and a representative system without parties is hard to imagine (although I'd be interested in knowing if one exists). Oh well, we're stuck with what we've got, might as well make the best of it.

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