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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here we go again

Five out of seven school board members Polk County, a school district in Florida, want Intelligent Design in the curriculum. That sounds quite familiar, I almost feel like we did this a couple years ago...

Despite the Pennsylvania case, some school board members want both intelligent design and evolution taught in Polk schools. They say they have received numerous e-mails and phone calls in support of intelligent design.

"My tendency would be to have both sides shared with students since neither side can be proven," Tim Harris said.

"I don't have a conflict with intelligent design versus evolution," Sellers said. "The two go together."

"It crosses the line with people who are Christians," Lofton said. "Evolution is offensive to a lot of people."

So many things wrong in such a short quote, it's not even funny. He is right about one thing though, ID can't ever be proven (an argument from ignorance never can), but Evolution has been proven, at least in the tentative, scientific sense (although most scientists will say that common descent has been proven, and is now a fully-certified fact).

I really want to know why evolution is offensive. "Descent with modification through natural selection" is offensive? Really? I think it's just offensive to know-nothing twits who lack the cranial capacity to understand the theory, and who have been so thoroughly brainwashed by religious nonsense that they lose all grounding in reality. These people must be that stupid, if they think they can do exactly the same thing as in Dover and get away with it. No judge on earth is going to let them include ID in the trial, not after Edwards v Aguillard and Dover. Especially since they're doing a terrible job of hiding their intentions, with Lofton (a board member) saying, "If it ever comes to the board for a vote, I will vote against the teaching of evolution as part of the science curriculum. If (evolution) is taught, I would want to balance it with the fact that we may live in a universe created by a supreme being as well." Saying that you want to inject religion into the science classroom (or any classroom, for that matter), is guaranteed to lose you a court case, and if she's too stupid to see that, well then it explains why she wants to put God in the classroom in the first place.

It'll be sad to watch yet another unfortunate county have to foot the bill for their elected official's stupidity, but


  • You can't prove a negative. And evolution is offensive only to those who know nothing but the misinformation put out there by those who benefit from promulgating people's ignorance.

    By Blogger Dr. T, at 2:16 PM, November 29, 2007  

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