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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Apparently, trees can leak

It turns out that Trees can spring a leak. Somehow, water is literally leaking out of the bark of the tree, like a small fountain. Apparently it tastes better than tap water.

This is really intriguing to me. What could possibly do that? Is it part of the tree's mechanism for transporting water up to the top branches gone wrong? Is it some kind of water pressure from beneath the tree? Is it simply a miracle?

Continue reading...I'm no dendrologist, but it seems highly unlikely that the root pressure would get high enough to cause water to squirt out, even if it's not much. Although the flow does vary during the day, so maybe the root pressure and transpirational pull (the two methods for getting water and ions up the xylem of a tree) are working together to cause this strange phenomena. But even then, it seems unlikely. Although whatever is doing it is highly unlikely, so that's the kind of answer we're looking for.

Another possibility is that the water table is putting some kind of pressure on the roots. But then why this would force the water out through the tree instead of just up to the surface? Although the tree could have tapped into some kind of old well, and that's putting some kind of pressure on it. But then how would that put pressure up through it? I don't like that explanation.

It could also be some kind of burst pipe, but the owner's of the property say that their bill hasn't gone up, which it definitely would have. Although maybe the tree's roots just tapped into a water pipe, enough to turn a root into plumbing... Also improbable.

And as for a miracle, well we all know that's bullshit, and as it's unscientific to just assign things we don't understand to god, I will not do it.

Honestly, this is one of those things that will bug me. I must know what's causing this. I really hope someone figures it out. I know it's not life or death, or a matter of any kind of importance, but to me that's beside the point. This is a true puzzle. Something that obviously vanishingly improbable, and if we can figure it out we'll understand the world that much better.



  • Hello, I am John Downs and I live in Winona,MS I also have a tree in my yard that leaks water. The way i found it out was I was throwing a hatchet around just goofing of when it struck the tree. Then I noticed a conciderable ammount of water leaking out of the trunk. The water also leaks out of the branches too, very bewildering to me, if anyone has any answers to this please email me or come by, 427 walthall st., Winona,MS 38967.
    My email address is and my phone number is 1-662-222-2132.

    By Anonymous John Downs, at 3:24 PM, March 11, 2007  

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