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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lost Faith in the Aftermath of Tragedy

A little while ago I wrote about blind faith in the aftermath of tragedy, people who think God “saved” them despite the fact that they’ve been through an unnecessary disaster, and many other people died. I feel that it is the height of human stupidity and arrogance. Although I guess if you’re already religious you have to rationalize what you’ve been through somehow, because we can’t possibly live in a random, meaningless world. I suppose it’s understandable if it gives them some comfort, although I say that reluctantly.

But I was shocked a little by this story. An airplane accidentally took off from a runway that was too short, and only one person survived, albeit with horrific injuries. The man’s first words after coming off of a ventilator were, “Why would God do this to me?”

Well, it’s just as arrogant as “God saved me!” But faith is all about giving yourself a big place in the world when you don’t have one. But it shocked me a little because he’s so close, so close to the truth. I wonder if it will actually dawn on him that there is no God, that there’s nothing in control, no rhyme, no reason, no big place in the world for a small human.

I hope he recovers from this terrible accident, and I hope he sees the light, so to speak.

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