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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crazy Christian in the News

Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary is having a baby. I say good for her, if she wants to have a child she should absolutely do it. But some people are upset. Oh, did I mention that she’s a lesbian?

I’ve read several times over the past few days why she shouldn’t be able to have a child, mostly because houses without fathers are more likely to produce criminal, delinquent, unintelligent, unhappy children. Hmm, my household didn’t have a father for half of my life, I think I’m turning out all right. I wonder if these people would say that my parents shouldn’t have divorced?

Or better yet, if single parenting is so bad, why not let young, unwed mothers get abortions?

Or the best one, stop being anti-gay bigots who think that their immoral “morality” is the way that everyone should live, and stay the hell out of other people’s lives. I’m a very tolerant person, and I can respect your opinion when you disagree with me and have a decent reason for doing so. But if you want to control other people, if you want to stop people from doing something that has no effect whatsoever on anyone but themselves, if you want to deny people their rights, then you are disgusting beyond words. These people who are criticizing Mary Cheney are not people, they are vile, ignorant bigots. They are saying that this woman does not have the right to have a child if she wants to. She doesn’t have the right to procreate. Don’t even try to defend their actions, because they are indefensible.

If you want another example of crazy people, (this time explicitly instead of implicitly Christian), take a look at this. An elementary school in Virginia had a policy about sending fliers home with kids if they had anything to do with religion. But a local church wanted to send a flier about a religious summer camp, and threatened to sue the school if they didn’t change the policy. So the school did, and the religious camp advertisement went home with kids.

Keep in mind that the school wasn’t endorsing any religion, it was just the means of distributing information on one, which isn’t illegal. Recently, a pagan group used the same rules to send home a flier about pagan holiday traditions. Well guess who’s mad? If you answered the people who originally wanted to change the rules, and Christian nutjobs everywhere, then you’re right!

So let’s distill their thought process into one sentence: We should be able to use school to discuss our religion, but no other. It’s moronic and hypocritical, although it’s pretty funny that their own policy got used against them like this.

If you want more religious hypocrisy check out the story about the congressman who wants to be sworn in on the Koran. Apparently this has made some people angry, many are essentially calling him a terrorist. But this story has been widely reported, just thought I should round out this post with yet more Christian idiocy. It’s been a big week for them.

(I want to point out that I don’t have anything against Christians. Just the ones who hate gays, Muslims, and think that public schools (and government in general) should openly endorse their religion.)


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