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Monday, December 10, 2007

When will the IDiots cite this case?

Via The Volokh Conspiracy comes this bit of news, that a Professor has been stripped of certain teaching assignments because of his views on evolution. But no, he's not an IDiot:

He’s a professor at Olivet Nazarene University, in Illinois, who has been barred from teaching general biology or having his book taught at the university that is his alma mater and the place where he has taught for 27 years. A biologist who is very much a person of faith, these punishments followed anger by some religious supporters of the college over the publication of his book in which he argues that it is possible to believe in God and still accept evolution.

“I thought I was doing the church a service,” Colling said in an interview. He believes that religious colleges that frame science and faith as incompatible will lose some of their best minds, and that his work has been devoted to helping faithful students maintain their religious devotion while learning science as science should be taught. . . .

Colling’s career at Olivet Nazarene was successful until the publication in 2004 of Random Designer, his attempt to offer a philosophy in which religious people can study evolution with scientific seriousness, and scientists can embrace faith. The central idea, in short, is that one can believe that God created the universe, and in so doing created the systems that would evolve into everything that exists today. Colling acknowledges that it is not possible to believe literally in the Bible’s creation of the world in six days but argues that this need not diminish the moral force of the Bible or belief in God.

I bet Demski isn't going to howl in outrage over this, but the firing of Gonzalez or the YEC who signed up for an Evo-Devo job? Those are outrageous! At least in the anti-ID cases the guys were legitimately fired, while this is purely ideological.

Not that the University acted wrongly, I can't really comment on that, but this is just further proof of the insanity that is the ID movement, and religion in general. Us secularists can tolerate entire deparments dedicated to religion, but they can't allow a professor to teach if he believes that evolution and religion are compatible.

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