Measured Against Reality

Monday, September 29, 2008

I think they found step 2

This is simply brilliant. So brilliant I won't even quote it, he deserves the pageviews.

It's about the ADF's Freedom Pulpit (or whatever the crap the stupid scam was called) yesterday, and how it's just a giant stunt for them to get tons of money, whether or not they win.

If it's true, and that's how they actually think, I have to say they're damn clever. Much more so than I would have guessed, given that they're the ADF. But thinking about them in the business of scaring stupid gullible Christians into giving up their money, it's very elucidating. Maybe they don't believe their rhetoric, maybe they know it's a scam...

It would certainly restore some of my faith in humanity. (Restore it because I'd rather people exploit others than actually be idiots.)



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