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Friday, August 18, 2006

Mystery of the leaking tree solved

The mystery of the leaking tree has been solved! It turns out that the tree's roots got into the piping. A very simple and tidy explanation. But how'd they figure it out?

Instead of doing a bunch of fancy tests on the water, or saying that "God did it" and not investigating any more (as the ID supporters surely would have) the town just shut off the water to the house. When it did, the tree stopped leaking. Brilliant! What could be better than a simple experiment with an irrefutable conclusion? This could make the top ten most beautiful experiments of all time!

All right not really, but it's still a good way to figure it out. The leading theory for why it was leaking was that it had tapped into the pipes, but since the owner's claimed there was no change in the bill this explanation was written off for weirder ones (like God doing it). It only took one simple experiment to figure it out.

I had hoped that science would find out why this tree was leaking, and science did it. Yet another mysetery solved by the good old scientific method. Oh scientific method, what can't you do?



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