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Friday, August 18, 2006

Liberal Indoctrination in Universities? Laughable.

I have to write about this. I must warn you, however, reading that article may very well result in you losing a good portion of your mental capacity.

What I want to know is exactly why these people think colleges indoctrinate people. Universities (in my experience) never make you take a specific class, and the GERs have a ton of different choices, most of which will never touch on politics or religion. They don’t send you to “Liberal Indoctrination 101” or “Christ is a Lie 200”. The author complains that kids can take classes like “Lesbian Worlds: Subject, Object and Representation” and “Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Queer Studies”. But she completely ignores the fact that they don’t have to. She seems to be offended that these classes are offered, and blames them for deconverting Christians (there’s brilliant logic).

The article also claims that campuses are spiritually dead. I can’t vouch for any but my own, but we have a large church in the quad. It has some kind of service every day. A good friend of mine found a church just off campus he went to every Sunday. I have a hard time believing that other colleges are different.

What I suspect is that the deconverted Christians are realizing that religion is illogical nonsense. The more you learn about biology, physics, cosmology, history, and logic the clearer that fact becomes. Either that or they knew it all along and only feel comfortable disavowing their parents’ beliefs once they’re in college.

I also want to know exactly how colleges can indoctrinate someone into liberalism when they actively choose which school to attend, actively choose which events to attend, and actively choose which classes to attend. How can a person be indoctrinated when they’re not forced to do anything? However, it’s not indoctrination when parents force their children to attend their church, tell them outright lies about the world, and give them absolutely no choice in the matter.

What’s even better is how the author paints the non-existent liberal indoctrination as evil, reprehensible, and immoral, but then encourages Christian evangelism on campuses! I cannot imagine how anyone could find that a consistent position. It’s mind blowing.

On that note, the article claims that parents need to “ground” their children in apologetics. Anyone who has read any Christian apologetics knows that the arguments are either weak or completely wrong, and usually rather disingenuous. Once again, the author shows that as long as the indoctrination is into what she believes, it’s ok. Three cheers for hypocrisy.

The article goes on to describe “college temptation and sin”, and it specifically mentions Stanford. Oh boy, one I can really rip to shreds! There is no pressure to drink or anything else at Stanford. Half of the student body doesn’t. When there are parties, they’re really easy to avoid, if you want to. It’s the same for any other “temptation”. If someone sinks into these holes, they wanted to. It was their weak values, not the college, that did them in.

This just shows how logical Christian fundamentalism is. But we already knew that.

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