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Monday, September 03, 2007

Man cuts off his penis ‘to stop him sinning’

I've seen a lot of crazy things done in the name of religion, but this takes the cake. From the article, "A man cut off his own penis and threw it in a toilet ‘so he would stop sinning’." That must be some religious devotion, right there. This happened in Spain, so that means there's a very good chance he's Catholic, which would make a lot of sense given that his fear of sin made him cut his penis off. That's just one of the side effects of a belief system that treats natural urges and acts as disgusting and unholy; that's what you get when you repress people's sexuality.

The article ends in the mother of all understatements, "There was also a suggestion he may be suffering from psychological problems." At the very least he's suffering from the psychological problem known as religion, which is one doozie of a mental illness.

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