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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Awesomely-stupid Infomercials

I'm watching the Science channel, and I've seen a couple of hilarious commercials.

The first was for a quit-smoking device called Zerosmoke, which is a "gold-plated" magnet you wear on your ear. It uses "auricular" technology to release dopamine in your brain! The best was as they said that in the commercial, little sparkles went from the magnet to a brain, as if it were magic! Except instead of magic, it's bullshit.

The second was for an "ancient Japanese" detox system called Kinoki, it removes toxins through your feet, just like a tree! Because humans are just like trees! And there are lab tests to prove it, complete with bad chemicals! They did a study! This one had the typical laundry-list of complaints that modern medicine isn't good at solving but tend to respond well to placebos, you know: headaches, back pain, etc.

Actually that reminds me, there was another one too. This one was a table that flipped you upside down, to "decompress" your spine. It gets rid of all those things too (back pain, headaches, etc), and makes you feel young again!

I really wonder if anyone buys this crap. I guess they must, but it's mind-boggling. Especially since it's on the Science channel, you'd think that people who specifically seek out science would be less inclined to believe in bullshit. Oh well, at least it provides me with some humor.

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